5 Reasons to Install Fleet Tracking on Company Vehicles

gps fleet trackingTechnology has made the world and your business a better place, especially when it comes to a fleet tracking company. These companies that offer gps systems for fleet tracking intouchgps.com offer numerous benefits that you just cannot ignore. They help with money issues, productivity, gas and fueling and much more. Here are just a few of the ways that you can expect gps systems for fleet tracking to help you.

- Better Customer Service: According to a report that the Aberdeen’s Study Group did on how well gps systems for fleet tracking work, they actually found that when using gps systems for fleet tracking that a company saw an increase on the amount of service calls completed, as well as an increase on the amount of time that the techs arrive to the promised location. Because of this software it also increased revenue.

- Reducing Fuel Costs: If your trucks tend to travel far and wide, gps fleet tracking systems can actually help reduce fuel costs – up to 13% of a reduction! Why does having a gps fleet tracking systems reduce fuel costs? That’s easy; it reduces excessive idling time as well as speeding, which can help improve the routing and rerouting of vehicles.

- Increased Safety on The Job: It’s a known benefit that gps vehicle tracking solutions can help keep your fleet trucks and vehicles as well as your driver’s safe. It also improves with other sub-safety issues such as employee accountability, management of your inventory, helping to improve the maintained of your fleets – as well as knowing when it’s time to get new fleet vehicles. Upon all of this, gps vehicle tracking solutions also helps “record” and keep track of unsafe driving techniques.

- Reduced Labor Costs and Increased Productivity: The use of real time gps vehicle tracking might seem like it only works for the benefit of your fleet vehicles, but funny enough, the use of real time gps vehicle tracking also can help reduce labor costs as well as increase productivity when using real time gps vehicle tracking because it does keep track of things like “off” time versus “on time.”

- Safety of Wares: Because of the gps vehicle tracking solutions you will always be aware of where your vehicles are at all times. This includes times, god forbid, if the vehicle gets stolen. You can protect your investment and wares by knowing and seeing exactly where the fleet is.